YAFFTR Message — Microblogging is getting better. YAFFTR Message starts with what you know but we fix the mistakes. Edit, easily follow threads and more control over your content.

YAFFTR Photo — Post and share your photos. Add a link back to your website or to your YAFFTR Shop.

YAFFTR Watch — Video Creators will love YAFFTR Watch. Earn YAFFTR Coin when you publish, when other users watch, like, dislike or share your creations. YAFFTR Watch.

YAFFTR Shops — Create a YAFFTR Shop and sell your products. Accept YAFFTR Coin and you will be able to sell to a global marketplace.

YAFFTR COIN CRYPTOCURRENCY — YAFFTR Coin will be the accepted currency on our platform. Users will be paid to post, share, like, dislike, comment and create. Whether you're a video creator, sharing photos or posts with your friends and family or just expressing your point of view, you'll get paid. You can hold your YAFFTR Coin in your wallet or withdraw the entire balance or any amount through a number of different options, including gold bullion (1gm minimum). Speculators will be welcome, but we believe that simply using YAFFTR will be incentive enough to buy, trade and hold YAFFTR Coin!

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